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Cloudy weather made a chill meet, hot.

Story | Phillip Pratt


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Miami is known worldwide for its amazing beaches. When you take this aspect and apply to it something like a car meet, it becomes a potent mixture that’s hard to top. Because of this, CLRDHOT/ Street Racing Made Safe’ Cars and Coffee Key Biscayne rarely disappoints. However, there is a downside to being so close to the beach. The weather. Luckily, it held up long enough for the event to thrive while keeping the blazing Miami sun at bay. The event brought in a vastly diverse crowd of Domestics, Europeans, Japanese (both legal… not so much), Classics, Exotics, Rat-rods, and bikes. This is due to the crowds drawn in by both the likes of CLRDHOT Motorsports and Street Racing Made Safe. There really is nothing like spending a couple hours appreciating some fine automobiles and then heading into the city for lunch with the same breathtaking waterfront views… even when the storm finally rolls in and nature behaves as if the world is about to end.


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Story & Photos | Phillip Pratt


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Cars and Coffee Key Biscayne | Majestics reppin’ at C&C Key Biscayne


There really is no backdrop like the aqua-color waters of Miami Beach on a clear morning. Even with the controlled vehicular chaos that was created by the Miami Open Tennis tournament taking place just across the Causeway, it was hard to let the laidback vibe be diluted. Outside of the beautiful location, the biggest standout was the eclectic mix of cars, bikes, and enthusiasts in attendance. It was impossible to say what kind of meet it was; import, domestic, classic, bikes, exotics… but I guess that’s the point of a Cars n Coffee meet. It’s intentionally nondescript by design, in turn, draws in a vastly diverse crowd. From the custom hot-rods, pocket bikes, modern muscle cars, to the rows of GTRs (both old and new) and the random bicycle hooligans; C&C Key Biscayne doesn’t disappoint. If nothing else, the view coming over the bridge is almost worth the drive by itself.


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Cars and Coffee Key Biscayne | Crew of Pocket Bikes showed up in mass


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Cars and Coffee Key Biscayne | Classic and Clean


Buy Clonazepam Online Australia

Cars and Coffee Key Biscayne | Hoods up


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Cars and Coffee Key Biscayne | Beauty in motion


Buy Real Valium Online Uk

Cars and Coffee Key Biscayne | A Bug done right


Buy Carisoprodol India

Cars and Coffee Key Biscayne


Buy Soma Us To Us

Cars and Coffee Key Biscayne | Everyone is a Hoonigan


Buy Real Phentermine 37.5 Mg Online

Cars and Coffee Key Biscayne | Some mean muscle in attendance


Cheap Ambient Synth

Cars and Coffee Key Biscayne | When the wheels match the backdrop


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Cars and Coffee Key Biscayne | Cars even love the view


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Cars and Coffee Key Biscayne


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Cars and Coffee Key Biscayne

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SRMS in West Palm Beach on March 24th, 2018

Story | Phillip Pratt

Photos | Phillip Pratt & Gerry Burke


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SRMS 03.24.18 | The always fast DentPros 911


On a perfect weather night where we saw the return of Rob and his thousand-plus horsepower Supra to Street Racing Made Safe, MPI’s GTR making a 195 MPH pass and Frustrate running something close to eight seconds in his AWD EG hatch; you’d think it was a night the racers and spectators won… but no. With well over 15 broken axels on both front wheel and rear wheel drive cars, the biggest winner was Palm Beach International Raceway’s freshly paved, professionally prepped (perhaps a bit over-prepped?) track. It conquered both the amateur and the experienced, built and daily-driven, leaving some to load up their trailers earlier or call for a tow truck. We all love the action, but racers, seriously… if you drove to the park from a great distance, perhaps it’s best not to dig in the car that got you there? Despite the spattering of hold-ups due to having to push crippled cars off the track, it was still a great night of power. While they weren’t able to get too much into the Dig List Top Ten, I think everyone in attendance did learn a valuable lesson; while building your racecar, don’t neglect your axels.


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SRMS 03.24.18 | The MPI GTR before it made a 195MPH pass


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SRMS 03.24.18 | Daniel Frustrate lining up for a call-out on the Dig List


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SRMS 03.24.18 | Digs in high demand


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SRMS 03.24.18 | Cousins


Order Alprazolam From India

SRMS 03.24.18 | The view most see of this car


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SRMS 03.24.18 | MPI GTR sitting scary


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SRMS 03.24.18 | Perfect FWD burn-out. Think it broke too.


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SRMS 03.24.18 | Mustang warming up the rubber


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SRMS 03.24.18 | Beautiful weather


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SRMS 03.24.18 | Rob in the lanes alongside the MPI GTR


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SRMS 03.24.18 | Javi’s RSX


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SRMS 03.24.18 | Lanes were jam-packed


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SRMS 03.24.18 | Some of fastest Bikes in SoFlo

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SRMS, CLRDHOT and 4×4 Alliance team-up to bring you Cars and Coffee Key Biscayne

Story | Phillip Pratt

Photos | Peter Castle

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Cars and Coffee Key Biscayne | 4×4 Alliance reppin’ what their culture is all about.


The name “Cars and Coffee” has become something of an international tradition. You can deduce the nature of the event merely by its name. To boil it down to it’s simplest definition, it’s a type of morning car meet. Typically, if not exclusively, held on weekends. If done right, it can attract hundreds of enthusiasts for miles around. The largest in the nation is held monthly in West Palm Beach. A great event but it can be quite a ride for most of South Florida (45 minutes to more than an hour for some). That’s where SRMS, 4×4 Alliance and CLRDHOT come in. With the breathtaking views of Miami’s waterfront at their backs, combined with the historic and famous site of the Seaquarium, “Cars and Coffee Key Biscayne” was built. While it’s not the first event to bare the name, with these three entities working together, it has the potential to challenge any other meet in the tri-county area. Either way, we win.


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Cars & Coffee Key Biscayne | Brought out cars from all walks…

Lorazepam Order Diazepam Ldt

Cars & Coffee Key Biscayne | Got to love a clean Z

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Cars & Coffee Key Biscayne | Proof that we all can co-exist

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Cars & Coffee Key Biscayne | This is Key Biscayne, after all

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Cars & Coffee Key Biscayne | Lamborghini distracting from the Miami Beach backdrop.

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Cars & Coffee Key Biscayne | Beautiful Lotus melting into the morning sky.

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Cars & Coffee Key Biscayne | Super-ill Wide-body Bimmer

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Cars & Coffee Key Biscayne | SRMS CEO, Mario, brought out his slick ST

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Cars & Coffee Key Biscayne | Glimpse of a unicorn.

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Cars & Coffee Key Biscayne | The original bug-eye.

Buy Clonazepam 2Mg

Cars & Coffee Key Biscayne | Stangs of South Florida with a strong showing.

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Cars & Coffee Key Biscayne | Yosdany’s Supra stole the day.

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The annual SofloSubies cruise and meet at Okeeheelee Park in Palm Beach.

Story & Photos | Phillip Pratt

Let’s start out with an admission on my part. I’m a Subie-guy. I drive a 2002 bug-eye Impreza WRX. I’m a member of SoFloSubies and a loyal customer of the WRXperts. I’m biased. Now that that’s out of the way, onto the beauty that is the 2018 SoFloSubies Annual Cruise to Okeeheelee Park, in Palm Beach County, Florida that took place on Sunday February 25. Maybe not that much of a “cruise” for local Subaru enthusiasts (hard to believe, but people do actually live in Palm Beach, its crazy, I know), it’s roughly a fifty-five mile or forty to fifty-minute drive if you’re like me and coming out of Broward County. Add about ten to fifteen miles or twenty minutes to the trip if you’re a denizen of Miami, proper. After meeting up at one of two of our local spots, we caravan North to the midway point, that being the Pompano Beach Service Plaza. While we gather in numbers that more oft than not eclipse three digits, we try our best to avoid blocking-in the openly annoyed truckers attempting to get on with their lives. I don’t even want to know what the ones sleeping in their cabs think about the ruckus we make. We don’t generally spend any more than a half-hour there before we get underway with the final leg of the trip. Barring any unforeseen circumstances and/or official set-backs (a Trooper seemingly escorted us one year… good times) it takes about thirty-five to forty minutes, the fastest route taking us through a laughably quiet suburban neighborhood. Once we arrive at the park and start unwinding from the drive, it turns into a big meet; except with food and a reserved shelter provided by the event’s many sponsors. As the day comes to an end there’s a 100% legit raffle that typically one-person wins 30% of the prizes (seriously what the @#$%?! This has happened at least twice. I want a #%#@%$# key-chain too!), trophies for “best ________”, and a group picture to cap it all off. If you are in the South Florida area, and a Subie-driver, you need to experience this event. There really is nothing else quite like it. Make the time.


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SoFloSubies Annual Cruise 2018 | Mean BRZ

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SoFloSubies Annual Cruise 2018 | Okeeheelee Park Line-Up

Buy Soma In Us

SoFloSubies Annual Cruise 2018 | WRXperts’ Multi-Gen Knowledge-base realized

Buy Phentermine Locally

SoFloSubies Annual Cruise 2018 | Won the best STI of the Cruise

Buy Soma Canadian Pharmacy

SoFloSubies Annual Cruise 2018 | Delicious STI from Machines Gone Wild in Miami

Soma 350Mg 2410

SoFloSubies Annual Cruise 2018 | Clean, right-hand drive GC

Buy Valium Egypt

SoFloSubies Annual Cruise 2018 | Israel shows off his immaculate 03′ Bugeye WRX

Buy Xanax Los Angeles

SoFloSubies Annual Cruise 2018 | Trophies for the day

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SoFloSubies Annual Cruise 2018 | White Hawkeye STI getting a wipe-down after the drive

Buy Phentermine Online Cheap Uk

SoFloSubies Annual Cruise 2018 | David Bazooka Money-pit

Buy Soma Drugs Online

SoFloSubies Annual Cruise 2018 | Beautiful Community of Subaru

Buy Diazepam From India

SoFloSubies Annual Cruise 2018 | Sick stance on this one

Buy Cheap Xanax From Canada

SoFloSubies Annual Cruise 2018 | Rolling into the meet

Buy Adipex Online From Mexico

SoFloSubies Annual Cruise 2018 | Got to love the taste of Subie drivers

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SoFloSubies Annual Cruise 2018 | Sittin’ pretty

Buy Clonazepam Overnight

SoFloSubies Annual Cruise 2018 | Perfect weather for the meet

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SoFloSubies Annual Cruise 2018 | Beware Dave’s octopus

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SRMS Grudge in West Palm Beach Florida.

Story & Photos | Phillip Pratt


Nothing like perfect weather to drive a great night of grudge racing. Despite an unfortunate setback with a Mustang spilling its guts halfway down the track, creating an hour and a half long “wait and see” situation, we were treated to a plethora exciting races from some of South Florida’s fastest cars. Atop of a night where we saw local tuning guru, Javi Bastista of “Javituned”, and his wicked fast, turbocharged RSX move from the 7th position to the 3rd in a single night on the 40mph roll list, Daniel “Frustrate” Rodriguez debuted his AWD set-up on his K-powered EG hatch (also tuned by Javi). Javi was able to defeat Frustrate in the tuner vs builder clash, but time will tell if he’ll be able to hold on as I suspect Frustrate is only going to get faster as he gets used to his new set-up. Due to the aforementioned Mustang evacuation, the Dig list wasn’t able to pop off, however, those that stuck around while the track got cleaned up got to see Frustrate take on Dig-King, Eddie Miller, in his 73’ Plymouth Duster with a pro-tree. Frustrate was able to pull out a victory as Eddie let off the throttle quarter of the way down the track giving up at least a car length’s lead and ultimately the race. If you missed it, I wouldn’t worry. They’ll do it again, soon.


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SRMS “Grudge Night” | BD Performance GT-R

Buy Ambien Online Uk

SRMS “Grudge Night” | Daniel “Frustrate” Rodriguez and his AWD K-series EG

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SRMS “Grudge Night” | Dentpros 911 staging up with a Camero

Order Free Xanax Online

SRMS “Grudge Night” | Javi and his RSX and Carta Performances’ Foxbody Mustang

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SRMS “Grudge Night” | Javituned’s own creation

Order Phentermine Canada

SRMS “Grudge Night”

Buy Phentermine Cheapest

SRMS “Grudge Night”

Buy Xanax Bar

SRMS “Grudge Night” | Eddie Miller and his 73′ Duster getting ready to run Frustrate’s AWD EG

Is Buying Lorazepam Online Illegal

SRMS “Grudge Night” | Frustrate and his family back in the pits after his win over Eddie Miller

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Street Racing Made Safe x K1 Speed Car Meet 02.08.18

Story & Photos | Phillip Pratt


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Street Racing Made Safe x K1 Speed Car Meet 02.08.18


Night car meets can be hit or miss. You might have the right size space, but the lighting isn’t adequate. You have a great location, but never got the official permission, so it ends up shut down by the cops. Sometimes it just attracts the wrong crowd and turns into a complete crap-fest of a failed event where a moron slams his car into a crowd of onlookers while attempting “drift”… All these obstacles can ultimately be avoided if a promoter does his or her homework and just treats the event like it is; an event. The people at SRMS are no stranger to putting in the work and their monthly meet at K1 Speed in Hialeah shines because of it. Hosted outside of K1 Speed’s indoor karting facility on their very large lot, SRMS, in conjunction with their partners, have created a fun, comfortable and safe environment attendees pack to the brim every first Thursday of each month.


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Street Racing Made Safe x K1 Speed Car Meet 02.08.18

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Street Racing Made Safe x K1 Speed Car Meet 02.08.18

Buy Valium Japan

Street Racing Made Safe x K1 Speed Car Meet 02.08.18

Soma 350Mg Carisoprodol

Street Racing Made Safe x K1 Speed Car Meet 02.08.18

Ambien Cr Generic

Street Racing Made Safe x K1 Speed Car Meet 02.08.18

Buy Zolpidem From Canada

Street Racing Made Safe x K1 Speed Car Meet 02.08.18

Buy Liquid Alprazolam

Street Racing Made Safe x K1 Speed Car Meet 02.08.18

Buy Ambien Online Paypal

Street Racing Made Safe x K1 Speed Car Meet 02.08.18

Buy Diazepam Legally Online

Street Racing Made Safe x K1 Speed Car Meet 02.08.18

Buy Valium Sydney

Street Racing Made Safe x K1 Speed Car Meet 02.08.18

Buy Lorazepam In Mexico

Street Racing Made Safe x K1 Speed Car Meet 02.08.18

Buy Zolpidem Cheap

Street Racing Made Safe x K1 Speed Car Meet 02.08.18

Buy Zolpidem In South Africa

Street Racing Made Safe x K1 Speed Car Meet 02.08.18

Buy Xanax Cod Overnight

Street Racing Made Safe x K1 Speed Car Meet 02.08.18

Buy Phentermine With Paypal

Street Racing Made Safe x K1 Speed Car Meet 02.08.18

Lorazepam Online Canada

Street Racing Made Safe x K1 Speed Car Meet 02.08.18

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Wekfest Florida 2017

Event coverage from the Wekfest show hosted in West Palm Beach

Story | Phillip Pratt

Photos | Phillip Pratt


If you’ve ever been to a Wekfest car show, you know it’s just that. A car show. Not a 2 – step competition, B-boy contest, freestyle rap battle or a “fashion show” (which inevitably involves bottles of water. Cold bottles of water). It’s an event that puts the cars at the center of attention at every step of the way. It’s become a yearend show in South Florida that brings in cars from all over the state, and from each subculture within the hobby. Enthusiasts break themselves for days in preparation and it shows as each vehicle on the floor is lovingly and meticulously detailed until the convention center’s LED lighting fixtures blindingly glisten off fresh paint and the well-oiled surfaces of low-profile tires. This year’s offering wasn’t anything less than awe-inspiring as the room was crammed wall-to-wall with some of Florida’s (and beyond) best.


Buy Klonopin Pills

Toyota Supra

Buy Diazepam Edinburgh

Ultimate Performance EG Hatch

Buy Ambien Prescription Online

Wekfest merch table and DJ

Order Real Adipex

Disruptive RX-7

Order Adipex Online Prescription

Buy Ambien Uk

Old School

Buy Xanax Generic OnlineBuy Klonopin Online LegallyBuy Ambien In Usa

Buy Generic Diazepam

Aisha’s 97 Hatch

Ambien Drug BuyBuy Phentermine/Topiramate