Street Racing Made Safe Auto Cross Inaugural Event

Street Racing Made Safe Auto Cross Inaugural Event 

Big Thank you to all our attendees for our inaugural auto cross event at PBIR!!! We had over 130 cars and dispite a delay in registration  most cars were able to average around 5 runs for the night. A huge Thank you to Darren from Pronto Timing System for supplying the timing method for our classes and going through the registration process!

Winners :  Big Thank you to the guys who came out on their A game and pushed their cars to get the fastest times! Each winner of each class has earned free entry into our next Auto Cross event!!!

Modified FWD Winner : John Childs 17′ Ford Fiesta ST – 56.01

Modified RWD Winner : Erik Cardenas 16′ Mazda Miata – 55.05

Modified AWD Winner : Shawn O’Neal 17′ Ford Focus RS – 53.82

Stock Class Winner : Peter Pivko 17′ Porsche 911s – 54.06

Moving Forward : Staging will be divided into 4 lanes per class allowing multiple runs of the same class together.

Cars will be capped allowing most of our entries to be done through pre-registration.

Tech Inspection will be much tighter and geared directly towards Auto Crossing.

Event times will increase to allow for more runs.


Modified FWD Class:

Modified RWD Class: 

Modified AWD Class : 

Stock Class :