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“Dream big and be disruptive. If you are doing the same thing as everyone else, you’ve already failed” – Forbes

Interviewer | Clifton Hernandez

Photos | Rafael Gabaldon


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Ricky’s fully built-out FD


Passing judgment is easy. Look at something, and make your mind up about it. It’s human nature in many ways. What separates the small minded from those that think with a bit more nuance is the ability to look deeper and appreciate the subtle (and not so subtle) aspects of a person or place. Ricky “Disruptive” Alduen’s RX-7 is probably one of the most eye-catching FD specimens in South Florida, heck, probably the entire Eastern Seaboard. At first glance, most would brush it off as a trailer queen. A vehicle that goes from garage to trailer, to show floor, and back to the trailer. Not the case. As many natives of the SoFlo area can attest, Ricky actually drives this thing, and with enough power that even he admits makes him nervous, his FD is no primped-up princess.


Street Racing Illustrated: So your car… it looks like a bunch of fun.

Ricky Alduen: Yes! It definitely is!


SRI: Not to go off topic, but you’ve got a matching Slingshot… What gets you more looks?

Ricky: Believe it or not, this one [gestured towards the RX-7].


Lorazepam Online Purchase

Ricky’s fully built-out FD


SRI: The RX-7 gets more attention?

Ricky: With car people, for sure. With the general public, you know, everyone’s going to be like, yo look at that thing, especially when I drop [the Slingshot] down to the ground. But car people give the RX-7 more attention for sure.


SRI: Looking at everything in your garage from the Slingshot to the FD… you custom make a lot, have to admit.

Ricky: I like custom @#$%. [laughs]


SRI: What’s your favorite piece on here?

Ricky: The one you cannot see… my headliner. I have a carbon fiber headliner.


Buy Ambien Zolpidem

Ricky’s fully built-out FD | Ricky’s custom carbon fiber headliner isn’t visible in this shot but… it’s there.


SRI: Nobody has that…

Ricky: Nope. My wheels too. Custom order from Japan, hand assembled, made to order by Mackin Industries. I typically stick to Rays when I buy wheels.


SRI: So we’ve got a lot of “first time” @!#$% on this car, I see. So what originally got you into an RX-7?

Ricky: I’d have to say back in 19[Redacted], I was walking out of High School on my way home like I normally did and out of nowhere I hear this engine idling [makes the signature “brap-brap-brap” rotary sound]. It was a 1984 GSL-SE, a burgundy first-generation RX-7. I just stopped and listened to it. It belonged to a classmates’ father. Every day he’d come to pick his daughter up and I’d just stand there and listen to it idle. That sound… you know, it’s different than any other car. Completely different. I fell in love with it. From the first generation.


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Ricky’s fully built-out FD


SRI: Takes me back to when we used to visit the track down here. Back when it was called Moroso. There used to be this guy in the stands we’d call “Rotary-Man”. He had this bull-horn, and he’d just be losing his mind anytime a car pulled up to the line with a rotary engine. So much fun to be around that kind of passion, you know, for anything. But that’s how I got introduced to the sound of that engine, what made me take notice.

Ricky:  Yeah man, it’s that sound, I fell in love with it. And the look, it’s so sexy even back then. It was right then, I was done. I had to get me one of these. But I couldn’t afford it. Obviously, I was still in High School. I saved and I tried to buy one, but then I looked at insurance for it and was like, what?



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Ricky’s fully built-out FD


SRI: How many RX-7s have you had, so far?

Ricky: Three. Two first gens, and this one. There was a point when I had this one, a silver FB, a gold FB, my Veilside 350z [points towards a photo on the wall], and my Spyder Can-Am. All here, in the garage and outside.


SRI: How long have you had this one?

Ricky: Six or seven years?


SRI: So which one was favorite out of them?

Ricky: This one. This one, for sure.



Klonopin Xr

Ricky’s fully built-out FD | Be Disruptive


SRI: Why?

Ricky: Man, what’s there not to like? I mean, I tore it apart. I took every single bolt out. I wanted to take my time and build it the way I wanted. For two and half years it wasn’t drivable. Engine out, front off, seats, interior, roof… a complete shell. We painted the shell-


SRI: Awesome paint job by the way.

Ricky: We painted it in a storage container…


Order Phentermine From Mexico

Ricky’s fully built-out FD


SRI: Sounds like a story by itself. Where did you find this color? Were there any other experiments or was this the color you always wanted?

Ricky: Because of my line of work, I’m used to planning things out way in advance. I had this color in mind before I even had the car. I found it while I was still with my Veilside 350z. A friend of mine, a painter and body-guy, Frankie, pulled up one day with an orange Civic. I told him how much I loved the color and asked if he had the code, and he said “nope, its custom”, but of course, he knew mixtures. The first thing I actually painted this color ended up being the Spyder Can-Am, then the RX-7 and finally the Slingshot.


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Ricky’s fully built-out FD | Ricky’s color-matched Slingshot


SRI: You’ve said this a few times in passing since we’ve been here. That you want to be the ‘first’ or ‘only’ with something…

Ricky: It’s not to be the “only one”. It’s a bit different. Like a lot of people do wide-body [with this car], I don’t like wide-body. I like to see, and I respect what they do, but this kind of car you have cut into the body to get more space to roll. I don’t like it. You’re screwing with a car that has perfect body lines. Perfect. I think it was ahead of its time [in terms of styling].


SRI: I remember back in about 2003, Super Street Magazine had this feature, a red RX-7 with like 800HP. I just thought a car that beautiful had no business having that much power.

Ricky: Yeah, you can get a lot of power out of these little engines! Not everyone has a rotary these days. Like even the wheels. Everyone has those Ray Engineering Ts. Not saying that doesn’t look awesome, but I wanted something a bit different.


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Ricky’s fully built-out FD


SRI: What other cars have you owned?

Ricky: I’ve had two 350zs, I had Toyota Corolla 1.8- you had to have a Toyota Corolla 1.8. I had a twin-cam GT-S. I fell in love with the Celicas. You know how it was back in the day. You had the club and the events… I had a friend, who I used to swap cars with sometimes. I’d give him mine, and I’d take his. He had a red convertible. I loved it, so I went and got my own. I got a white convertible and put white seats in it with a bangin’ system (of course). Super-super dope, that was like the pantie-dropper!


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Ricky’s fully built-out FD | Ricky Alduen


SRI: What’s the show scene like for you with the RX-7?

Ricky:  I do it for fun, the love. Tell you a funny story. I was on my way back from my shop Pettit Racing. I got on Commercial Blvd approaching i95. On the left, I see Elite Roads doing what they used to do all the time, hosting a car show. I was going to get gas and head home but I wanted to see what was up. Soon as I tried to pull in the crowd just went ‘whoosh’, all around the car, I couldn’t get out… After I was able to park it finally, an hour passed (because the show was ending) and I won first place.


SRI: Just like that? By accident?

Ricky: Just like that, man [laughs].


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Ricky’s fully built-out FD | The Elite Roads trophy front and center


SRI: You said you were coming back from Pettit Racing?

Ricky: Pettit Racing, yes. They built my engine, built my block. One of the things I did… people do swaps. I don’t believe in swaps for this car, I don’t. I respect whoever does it, I’ve got no problem with a 2JZ or an LS swap but my thing is; this car is unique. It has a unique engine. Everyone else has pistons, this is rotary, keep it rotary. So what I did is, I took out the old engine, and threw it in the garbage and told Cam to build me a new one. Everything in here is new, rotors, housing- everything.



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Ricky’s fully built-out FD | Engine built from the bottom up by Pettit Racing


SRI: Where are you in terms of building a show car, versus a race car?

Ricky: I’m right in the middle. I can’t say this is all race, because you’d see me drag racing, but at the same time look at this $#%&. It’s about a balance… got another story for you. I was at an event at Moroso (now called Palm Beach International Raceway), and this kid comes up talking; saying I was “all-show no go” or whatever. I smiled. I really don’t care what people think or whatever. I don’t get into that really. On the way home on the Turnpike, the same kid pulls up next to me. He’s in a Nissan 280. Of course, he starts jumping and revving. Now I’m just cruising; my windows are down, I’m relaxed, not looking for anything. Then he says it again. Yells “Yep! All-show!”. I’m doing like 80 MPH in 4th [gear]. I drop down into 3rd and just like that, I’m doing 140. He couldn’t catch up; disappeared. A couple months later at another show, the same kid comes up to me; says he blew his engine back then! To be honest, the car scared me that day. It just kept pulling. It was really dangerous and I was doing something really stupid! Note to self: Never do that $#%^ again. Ever.


SRI: So you have fun with the car, you’re not afraid to mess around.

Ricky: I like to push it. I don’t trailer it; I drive it around. All the way up to North Carolina. Not a problem. I did that ‘Tail of the Dragon’, it’s the place where you can really just abuse this car. I built this car to have fun on the road. I built it for road racing. I might lose to a car with a big turbo in a straightaway, but curves? Nah.


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Ricky’s fully built-out FD | Custom built carbon fiber door panels


SRI: You go by Disruptive. It’s written on the car; you reference it on social media. Where did it come from?

Ricky: It’s simple. Disruptive… it’s not about being rowdy or doing stupid things on the road. Disruptive is about expressing our passion for cars in an individual way. The idea is to create a positive impact and try to change the general idea that associates our passion with a negative connotation due to some few that are killing the scene by doing stupid $@#% on the streets.


SRI: You did a sick spread with Buy Lorazepam 2.5Mg a few years back, how did that come about?

Ricky: One of my sponsors, Apex’i contacted me and said they’d like to install one of their suspension sets on my car. My contact Masaki recommended this set they use for our drift cars. 100% bolt-on and already dialed in, ready to install right out of the box. I put them on and send the pics to Apex’i. After that, Masaki called me and told me he wanted to introduce me to, an editor at Super Street, Sam Du (@duspeed). Turned out, he was going to be here in Miami and wanted to see the car while he was in town. We met up down on South Beach, took some test shots and asked if I wanted to do a spread. Just like that.


SRI: How often do you drive the RX-7?

Ricky: I used to drive it all the time. Now, not as much. Maybe once or twice a month, to make sure everything is working. I built it to enjoy it. If I go to a show, I drive it. Definitely not a trailer queen.


Buy Cheap Carisoprodol Online

Ricky’s fully built-out FD


SRI: So… is this your dream car?

Ricky: Yes. This is it, right here.


SRI: Do you understand how rare that is? Just about anyone else I’d pitch that question to would go on these long rants about what they’d been chasing, and what they’d do to it-

Ricky: This is a little boy’s dream come true. I was a teenager in high school, in 9th grade, you know, an earlier model, but I saw it and fell in love with. To be able to have this, x-amount of years later? It’s a dream. And it’s not done. It’s not perfect, I’m still dreaming of rotary perfection.



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Ricky’s fully built-out FD


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Beautiful weather and an awesome locale make Cars n Coffee Key Biscayne a ‘must go’.

Story & Photos | Phillip Pratt


Buy Phentermine Germany

Cars and Coffee Key Biscayne | Majestics reppin’ at C&C Key Biscayne


There really is no backdrop like the aqua-color waters of Miami Beach on a clear morning. Even with the controlled vehicular chaos that was created by the Miami Open Tennis tournament taking place just across the Causeway, it was hard to let the laidback vibe be diluted. Outside of the beautiful location, the biggest standout was the eclectic mix of cars, bikes, and enthusiasts in attendance. It was impossible to say what kind of meet it was; import, domestic, classic, bikes, exotics… but I guess that’s the point of a Cars n Coffee meet. It’s intentionally nondescript by design, in turn, draws in a vastly diverse crowd. From the custom hot-rods, pocket bikes, modern muscle cars, to the rows of GTRs (both old and new) and the random bicycle hooligans; C&C Key Biscayne doesn’t disappoint. If nothing else, the view coming over the bridge is almost worth the drive by itself.


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Cars and Coffee Key Biscayne | Crew of Pocket Bikes showed up in mass


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Cars and Coffee Key Biscayne | Classic and Clean


Buy Phentermine Nz

Cars and Coffee Key Biscayne | Hoods up


Buy Ambien In Thailand

Cars and Coffee Key Biscayne | Beauty in motion


Buy Klonopin 1/2

Cars and Coffee Key Biscayne | A Bug done right


Get Ambien Prescription

Cars and Coffee Key Biscayne


Generic Ambien Vs Brand Name

Cars and Coffee Key Biscayne | Everyone is a Hoonigan


Buy Phentermine With Online Consultation

Cars and Coffee Key Biscayne | Some mean muscle in attendance


Zolpidem Order Lorazepam

Cars and Coffee Key Biscayne | When the wheels match the backdrop


Order Real Phentermine 37.5

Cars and Coffee Key Biscayne | Cars even love the view


Buy Valium Safely Online

Cars and Coffee Key Biscayne


Buy Phentermine Online Amazon

Cars and Coffee Key Biscayne

Buy Phentermine Online 2014

SRMS in West Palm Beach on March 24th, 2018

Story | Phillip Pratt

Photos | Phillip Pratt & Gerry Burke


Buy Xanax Press

SRMS 03.24.18 | The always fast DentPros 911


On a perfect weather night where we saw the return of Rob and his thousand-plus horsepower Supra to Street Racing Made Safe, MPI’s GTR making a 195 MPH pass and Frustrate running something close to eight seconds in his AWD EG hatch; you’d think it was a night the racers and spectators won… but no. With well over 15 broken axels on both front wheel and rear wheel drive cars, the biggest winner was Palm Beach International Raceway’s freshly paved, professionally prepped (perhaps a bit over-prepped?) track. It conquered both the amateur and the experienced, built and daily-driven, leaving some to load up their trailers earlier or call for a tow truck. We all love the action, but racers, seriously… if you drove to the park from a great distance, perhaps it’s best not to dig in the car that got you there? Despite the spattering of hold-ups due to having to push crippled cars off the track, it was still a great night of power. While they weren’t able to get too much into the Dig List Top Ten, I think everyone in attendance did learn a valuable lesson; while building your racecar, don’t neglect your axels.


Buy Adipex Online Canada

SRMS 03.24.18 | The MPI GTR before it made a 195MPH pass


Buy Cheap Lorazepam Online Uk

SRMS 03.24.18 | Daniel Frustrate lining up for a call-out on the Dig List


Buy Valium Singapore

SRMS 03.24.18 | Digs in high demand


Cheap Xanax Overnight Delivery

SRMS 03.24.18 | Cousins


Buy Roche Klonopin

SRMS 03.24.18 | The view most see of this car


Buy Clonazepam Online Australia

SRMS 03.24.18 | MPI GTR sitting scary


Buy Phentermine Diet Pills

SRMS 03.24.18 | Perfect FWD burn-out. Think it broke too.


Buy Real Valium Online Uk

SRMS 03.24.18 | Mustang warming up the rubber


Buy Carisoprodol India

SRMS 03.24.18 | Beautiful weather


Buy Soma Us To Us

SRMS 03.24.18 | Rob in the lanes alongside the MPI GTR


Buy Real Phentermine 37.5 Mg Online

SRMS 03.24.18 | Javi’s RSX


Cheap Ambient Synth

SRMS 03.24.18 | Lanes were jam-packed


Buy Xanax Las Vegas

SRMS 03.24.18 | Some of fastest Bikes in SoFlo

Buy Cheap Zolpidem Uk

SRMS, CLRDHOT and 4×4 Alliance team-up to bring you Cars and Coffee Key Biscayne

Story | Phillip Pratt

Photos | Peter Castle

Buy Ambien

Cars and Coffee Key Biscayne | 4×4 Alliance reppin’ what their culture is all about.


The name “Cars and Coffee” has become something of an international tradition. You can deduce the nature of the event merely by its name. To boil it down to it’s simplest definition, it’s a type of morning car meet. Typically, if not exclusively, held on weekends. If done right, it can attract hundreds of enthusiasts for miles around. The largest in the nation is held monthly in West Palm Beach. A great event but it can be quite a ride for most of South Florida (45 minutes to more than an hour for some). That’s where SRMS, 4×4 Alliance and CLRDHOT come in. With the breathtaking views of Miami’s waterfront at their backs, combined with the historic and famous site of the Seaquarium, “Cars and Coffee Key Biscayne” was built. While it’s not the first event to bare the name, with these three entities working together, it has the potential to challenge any other meet in the tri-county area. Either way, we win.


Buy Ambien Legally

Cars & Coffee Key Biscayne | Brought out cars from all walks…

Generic Ambien Manufacturers

Cars & Coffee Key Biscayne | Got to love a clean Z

Buy Soma Next Day Delivery

Cars & Coffee Key Biscayne | Proof that we all can co-exist

Buy Ambien Canada

Cars & Coffee Key Biscayne | This is Key Biscayne, after all

Buy Soma Europe

Cars & Coffee Key Biscayne | Lamborghini distracting from the Miami Beach backdrop.

Buy Phentermine K28

Cars & Coffee Key Biscayne | Beautiful Lotus melting into the morning sky.

Order Alprazolam From India

Cars & Coffee Key Biscayne | Super-ill Wide-body Bimmer

Diazepam 10 Mg Order

Cars & Coffee Key Biscayne | SRMS CEO, Mario, brought out his slick ST

Buy Ativan Lorazepam

Cars & Coffee Key Biscayne | Glimpse of a unicorn.

Cheap Xanax For Sale Online

Cars & Coffee Key Biscayne | The original bug-eye.

Buy Zolpidem Uk

Cars & Coffee Key Biscayne | Stangs of South Florida with a strong showing.

Buy Phentermine 37.5Mg And Adipex-P

Cars & Coffee Key Biscayne | Yosdany’s Supra stole the day.

Buy Diazepam Paypal

Street Racing Made Safe x K1 Speed Car Meet 02.08.18

Story & Photos | Phillip Pratt


Buy Prescription Strength Adipex

Street Racing Made Safe x K1 Speed Car Meet 02.08.18


Night car meets can be hit or miss. You might have the right size space, but the lighting isn’t adequate. You have a great location, but never got the official permission, so it ends up shut down by the cops. Sometimes it just attracts the wrong crowd and turns into a complete crap-fest of a failed event where a moron slams his car into a crowd of onlookers while attempting “drift”… All these obstacles can ultimately be avoided if a promoter does his or her homework and just treats the event like it is; an event. The people at SRMS are no stranger to putting in the work and their monthly meet at K1 Speed in Hialeah shines because of it. Hosted outside of K1 Speed’s indoor karting facility on their very large lot, SRMS, in conjunction with their partners, have created a fun, comfortable and safe environment attendees pack to the brim every first Thursday of each month.


Buy 20 Mg Valium

Street Racing Made Safe x K1 Speed Car Meet 02.08.18

Buy Ambien Thailand

Street Racing Made Safe x K1 Speed Car Meet 02.08.18

Buy Diazepam 10Mg Uk Next Day Delivery

Street Racing Made Safe x K1 Speed Car Meet 02.08.18

Buy Ativan In Canada

Street Racing Made Safe x K1 Speed Car Meet 02.08.18

Lorazepam Order Diazepam Ldt

Street Racing Made Safe x K1 Speed Car Meet 02.08.18

Buy Adipex P 37.5 Mg

Street Racing Made Safe x K1 Speed Car Meet 02.08.18

Buy Zolpidem Online Overnight Uk

Street Racing Made Safe x K1 Speed Car Meet 02.08.18

Cheap Xanax Online Overnight

Street Racing Made Safe x K1 Speed Car Meet 02.08.18

Order Alprazolam Powder Online

Street Racing Made Safe x K1 Speed Car Meet 02.08.18

Buy Adipex Online Cheap

Street Racing Made Safe x K1 Speed Car Meet 02.08.18

Buy Zolpidem 10Mg Tablets

Street Racing Made Safe x K1 Speed Car Meet 02.08.18

Buy Valium In Australia Online

Street Racing Made Safe x K1 Speed Car Meet 02.08.18

Klonopin To Buy Online

Street Racing Made Safe x K1 Speed Car Meet 02.08.18

Buy Clonazepam 2Mg

Street Racing Made Safe x K1 Speed Car Meet 02.08.18

Buy Xanax Tablets

Street Racing Made Safe x K1 Speed Car Meet 02.08.18

Buy Zolpidem Online Paypal

Street Racing Made Safe x K1 Speed Car Meet 02.08.18

Lorazepam Mail Order

Chasing the Rabbit

John Garcia’s sick daily driven 2013 FR-S

Story | Phillip Pratt

Photos | John Garcia


Buy Adipex Amazon

John’s 2013 Scion FR-S


The time-honored practice of the daily driver seems to be less and less embraced these days. It’s becoming increasingly rare to see neck-breakers during commutes and parked in grocery store parking lots (Scratch that last part. Grocery store parking lots are breeding grounds for dings, dents, and fender benders! Stay away from those). Trailer queens are starting to infest the scene. Many of the more awe-inspiring builds we see at shows, meets, and even the track, rarely experience the calming sensation of an empty avenue and cool, clear morning.


Buy Soma In Us

John’s 2013 Scion FR-S


I get it. Everyone doesn’t want to take the chance of some idiot smashing into their pride and joy and no, there aren’t too many full-race clutches out there that are all that traffic friendly. I’m not impractical. I believe everything has its place, but really, what’s the point putting that much time and loot into a project you’re only going to enjoy twice or thrice (yes, it’s a word) a month? See, you agree with me. It’s nonsense and U.S. Army Infantryman, John Garcia, is a soldier after my own heart. And his widebody, supercharged, daily driven, 2013 Scion FR-S is exactly the kind of street machine we can all appreciate.


Buy Phentermine Locally

John’s 2013 Scion FR-S


The transition from factory trim, to what we see now didn’t happen overnight. John has owned the FR-S a little under five years now, purchasing it new, back in 2013. He did this shortly after he returned home from deployment in Afghanistan. Subsequently, it’s also about the same time he acquired his license here in the states, originally hailing from the Dominican Republic. If for some reason, it’s gone unnoticed by you up until now, let me make this clear; the ZN6 chassis cars are popular. Whether it’s because of its sporty styling, affordability, or near 50/50 weight distribution; it has plenty of selling points that attract young and seasoned enthusiasts alike.


Buy Soma Canadian Pharmacy

John’s 2013 Scion FR-S


Having as many model names as it does manufacturers doesn’t hurt either. This created a rich environment and has made aftermarket parts plentiful, and in turn, affordable. Herein lies the problem. A big part of our culture is building something that stands out from the crowd. With only so many available factory colors, sometimes it takes more than a nice set of wheels and spoiler kit to ensure that a row of 86’s, BRZ’s or FR-S’ at a car meet, doesn’t look like an overflow lot from a neighboring dealership.


Soma 350Mg 2410

John’s 2013 Scion FR-S


To address this dilemma, some enthusiasts can spend up to three-thousand dollars on a wrap, coil-overs, some rims and then call it a day. That’s typically the case for a lot of builders out there. But that wasn’t enough for John. It’s the reason why when he decided to change up the look on his FR-S, he spent days combing the internet. “I went through every widebody kit available for the car” John recalls. “There were days in which all I did was look at widebody 86’s to see which was the most attractive to me.” That search came to an end when he came across the Rocket Bunny v1 Pandem kit. Choosing to go with the version II, John sourced the kit from none other than the legendary performance parts manufacturer, GReddy. At the time of purchase, John was one of only five to make it stateside through the company.


Buy Valium Egypt

John’s 2013 Scion FR-S

Buy Xanax Los Angeles


Now, this isn’t a couple of flared fenders and a truck lip attached with 3M tape. This kit, or what I like to call “a full body overhaul”, has more than twenty-five pieces! It may not be to everyone’s taste. In many scenes, our culture has transitioned from ‘wild’ and ‘audacious’ to more of a ‘tastefully conservative’ mood as of late (thankfully). Right now, clean is king. However, John’s decision to keep his FR-S a pearlescent white, tones down what many might perceive as “too busy”. It’s a pricey addition to the car, and having the work done through a professional shop can cost almost as much, depending on what your relationship is like with them. This is probably why John chose to tackle the job personally. “I’ve done all the work to the car. The first thing I purchased for it was a GReddy CAI (cold air intake).” John explains. “[When I first started out], installing an air intake seemed like something impossible for my skill level. Since then, my skills as a mechanic have greatly improved.”


Carisoprodol 350 Mg For Sale

John’s 2013 Scion FR-S | Kraftwerks Supercharged Boxer Engine


That they have. Installing the Kraftwerks C30 Supercharger is a far cry from a CAI! The blower bumped the base power of the flat-four motor from 200HP up to what John estimates to be between 270 to 300WHP. Not earth-shattering by any stretch of the imagination, but just enough to have fun with and offset any additional weight, while making sure that infamous boxer engine stays reliable. Connecting the car to the road are a set of staggered 18×9.5/ 18×11 Rays Volk Racing TE37V Mark-II forged wheels, wrapped in Michelin tires. John’s hard work, patience, and good taste have paid off in the way of an eye-catching machine. If by chance you see him on the streets be sure to do more than compliment him on his creation. Wish him well and thank him for the sacrifices he’s endured so that we may continue to pursue our passions and enjoy our many freedoms.


Buy Phentermine Online Cheap Uk

Buy Soma Drugs Online

John’s 2013 Scion FR-S


Instagram: @john9207

Buy Cheap Xanax From Canada

Bigger than Business

From humble beginnings to becoming one of the most reputable tuners and JDM importers in the area

Story | Phillip Pratt

Photos | Clifton Hernandez /  Wendy Evans


Buy Clonazepam Overnight

Tony Folks, owner | Island Boy Tuning


Down here in South Florida there are a few shops that are universally acknowledged as ‘reputable’ if you ask people that are in the know; Drag, AG, WRXperts and the topic of the day; Island Boy Tuning, also known sinply as IBT.  Started in Plantation, Florida in 2006, tucked away in a row of bays off of Peters Road, it was a bit hard to see from the street, or even know it’s there unless you’re already looking for it. For all the initially perceived clutter within, the shop is immaculately kept in order. Seriously, you can eat off these floors (Disclaimer: probably not a great idea to eat off any floor)!


Walking into the left side of IBT, which encompasses four bays, you’d probably scoff at the shelves filled with random ‘dirty’ alternators, oil pumps, and starters, not to mention the smattering of complete engines decorating the space. That is until you realize it’s not so random. Everything is in its place alongside others of its kind and that those power plants are all fully operational. Who created this controlled-chaos? None other than Jamaican born, Landris “Tony” Folkes the mechanic, mastermind, Renaissance-man, and the proprietor of IBT.


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1JZ Swapped IS300 | Island Boy Tuning


I have to admit, when the idea of featuring IBT was brought up, I recognized the shop as a place that builds and maintains some sick Hondas. That short-sighted view was quickly put to pasture, and not just by the three 1JZ-VVTI engines within the shop (one of which was quietly nestled inside the body of a white 94’ BMW like it belonged there), but by Tony himself that wasn’t shy about making sure I understood that he’s not just a ‘Honda guy’. After seeing some of his past projects, such as a one-thousand horsepower Supra that he built from the floor up himself, to refer to him as ‘just a Honda guy’ would be paying him a disservice. With that said, he still builds and maintains some sick Hondas!


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Passion isn’t just skin deep | Island Boy Tuning


As Tony walked my photographer and me through some old projects and talked to us about his sixteen-year long career as a mechanic which humbly began in the driveway of his home in 2004, I gradually realized that this gentleman truly loves what he does. He lives and breathes for it. Assuming the IBT logo tattooed on his forearm didn’t say enough, that is. It’s not about the money at this point. He takes great pride in what he does.


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“…humbly began in the driveway of his home in 2004”

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The fact that IBT has survived as long as it has while others have come and gone, is a testament to that. While showing us how he’d rather take the time to gravity bleed a radiator, than taking shortcuts, he simply proclaimed to us that he ‘gives a damn’ about what he puts out on the road. It’s a fact that’s also well known to his customers and peers. When asked if he has any designs on competing at track events such as Street Racing Made Safe’s ‘Top 10 List’, he laughed and confessed to us that any time he finishes a build for himself or as a showpiece for the shop, he immediately receives offers on it, often before it’s even complete.


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JZ swapping the world | Island Boy Tuning


That was exactly the case with the aforementioned 1156whp Supra, as well as an IS300 wagon love project that he converted to a manual transmission. If that wasn’t enough ‘wow factor’ for a potential buyer, Tony then dropped in a 1JZ power plant and custom installed a pair of Supra brake calipers. A feat that he nonchalantly referred to as “easy”. Tony doesn’t limit himself to South Florida, or even this hemisphere. He habitually travels to the Land of the Rising Sun to source his own engines and other sweet, sweet, authentic pieces of JDM goodness. Walking the streets there, Tony was surprised to find that his YouTube antics of starting engines on the floor of his shop had garnered him some measure of fame among the tuner community there. “One time, while I was out buying, some guy came up to me with his phone…” Tony remembers “it was me on YouTube cranking one of my motors!”


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Island Boy Tuning


Tony is as enthusiastic about building monsters as he is maintaining the IBT culture, which I can honestly say is beautiful to witness. During our visit with him, he invited a couple of friends, who, in reality, are customers, but you wouldn’t guess that by the way they talk and joke around. Everyone that was there seemed more like family and old friends. The only thing missing was a grill and a drunk uncle’s inaccurate tales of yesteryear. Frankie Lugo, the proud owner of a 2JZ-swapped, IS300, built by IBT, makes the drive all the way up from Miami, as he refuses to let anyone else touch his car.  “I met [Tony] through my brother…” Frankie recalled. “He had an Accord with a Prelude motor, a swap he told me Tony did in a single day.”


When Frankie visited IBT for the first time and met its proprietor, he described Tony as being down to earth. That he took the time to explain everything he could do for him, and his then stock Lexus, sporting nothing more than a K&N filter. “He didn’t try to sell me on anything.” From that point, it’s all history. The two collaborated on building one of the most unassuming sleepers this side of the Pacific Ocean. “I trust him,” Frankie remarks. “My wife and I may be relocating in the near future, further up the East coast… I’ll ship my car to Tony. It’s more than a client/ customer relationship.”


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Island Boy Tuning


That kind of loyalty doesn’t come cheap. Scrolling through Facebook reviews, you’ll find nothing but shining testimonies of satisfied customers and not just from the tuner community. He lovingly performs maintenance on everyday commuters with the same fervor he does 1000hp highway-killing machines. Being an IBT customer comes with more than a guarantee of first-rate service. It includes an invitation to become part of the family. Even with lasting success and a laundry list of incredibly built cars Tony, remains humble and welcoming to new customers and challenges. Something that other equally fruitful establishments can forget from time to time.


“My first car was an 88’ Civic DX… I respect the guy who owns a hatch’ the same way as another with a GTR because, at one point, I was that guy.”


Since the writing of this article, Tony and IBT have moved out of their Plantation digs and journeyed a bit south to the Town of Davie and settled into a new 4000sgft facility, located at 5420 W State Rd 84 #2-6 (Davie, FL 33314). Do yourself a favor and go check Island Boy Tuning out!


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Instagram: @ibtuning

Ph: (954) 704-3988

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For the Love

A generationally owned MK3 Supra that is more than just eye – candy

Story | Phillip Pratt

Photos | Phillip Pratt / Gerald Burke


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Daryl’s 1989 MKIII Supra


Getting bit by the “car bug” as a young adult is a hallowed time. A fresh license and a newfound sense of freedom. Nothing like it. Still, there is something to be said by having it ingrained into your upbringing. It’s more than just an adopted culture or learned habit. It’s a lifestyle. It’s your breath, your every thought and only real concern. Nowadays with social media feeding us new ideas and inspirations every minute of the day, video games, and cinema; it’s even more encompassing. It allows perspective tuners to immerse themselves in the lifestyle while they are still deciding whether they want to reach the pedals or see over the steering wheel while playing in their parent’s parked car. Daryl Seepersad is such a person and his 1JZ – swapped MKIII Supra is all the better for it.


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Daryl’s 1989 MKIII Supra


The 1989 base model Toyota in question originally belonged to his father, the proprietor of Lincoln Auto Body Creations (also known as ‘LAB Creations’). The family – owned operation helped incubate Daryl’s passion, while dreams of driving the Supra and making it his own, lit his imagination aflame. Growing up in what many would incorrectly consider being the “millennial age”, Daryl, like most of us, embraced simulator games such as “Need for Speed” as well as movies, namely the “The Fast and the Furious” franchise. While some may scoff at such a thing, don’t be so short – sighted.


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Daryl’s 1989 MKIII Supra


Being able to constantly reconfigure hyper-realistic digital models helped do what many of us couldn’t; avoid the pitfalls of ‘trial and error’. It was on these games that Daryl, with the help of the good people at LAB Creations, created and laid on thick coats of custom paint he named “Japanese Sunrise” on his Toyota. If you came to the conclusion that the spicy orange he painted the Supra originated from his exposure to the original ‘Fast and Furious’ movie, you’d be right. Daryl has a deep admiration and appreciation of what the movie series did for the tuner culture, especially Paul Walker

“[he] was my idol…” Daryl remembers. “I wanted to be just like him.”


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Daryl’s 1989 MKIII Supra


His journey from dreamer to owner wasn’t without its difficulties, however. He junked his first car (a PT Cruiser) while boosting 24psi. It was at that point where he probably chose to take things a bit more seriously. After acquiring the not – to – stock MKIII from his father, he decided on the now vaunted 2500cc 1JZ VVTi motor. Seeing as the engine was only native to Japan and Australia at the time of sourcing, there was little to no aftermarket or even OEM support stateside. Thanks to some custom manufacturing and ordering some key parts from Japan, by way of Texas, Daryl and his mechanic Andrew Gibbs, were able to give the Supra a second life.


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1JZ swapped 1989 MKIII Supra


The fully built ARP block is stuffed with CP 9:1 compression pistons among other pieces. The head sports a set of Brian Crower titanium springs and retainers. The ports are gasket matched on both the intake and exhaust sides and hold a custom made exhaust manifold. A Borgwarner S366 turbo makes the power for the Supra, as a Tial wastegate and BOV expel excess pressure from the system keeping it safe and under control. Fuel is adequately delivered the 1JZ with a Sard fuel rail and Injector Dynamics ID1300cc stainless injectors and controlled with an Aeromotive regulator.


Engine management is taken care of by a Professional EFI Systems Pro128 unit that offers everything from ignition timing to two-step launch control. Making sure all the power finds its way to the floor is a R1 54 tranny built by drivetrain experts, Marlin Crawler, while a Competition Stage – 5 clutch, Weir differential and aluminum flywheel with ARP fasteners, help with the transfer of power.


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Daryl’s 1989 MKIII Supra

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Daryl’s Supra sits on a classic set of staggered 18” Volk GTC wheels, w rapped in Achilles ATR Sport 2 tires. For racing duty, Daryl switches the rubber to MT Slicks. Tucked behind those legendary rims are Brembo brakes, which reliably accept the vehicles’ stopping duties. With the rolling stock taken care of, Daryl chose a se t of Megan Trak Pro coilovers to keep his MKIII securely floating over the pavement, while a combination of ST and Cusco braces sure – up the chassis. Adding that extra bit of strength and security to the suspension are Battle Version cambers and toe arms.


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Daryl’s 1989 MKIII Supra


Getting back to that “Japanese Sunrise” paint we spoke of earlier, I believe it’s safe to say these photos don’t do it any justice. From afar the paint can appear to be red, especially out of direct light. It’s not until you get a bit closer is it obvious that the Supra sports that fantastic pearlescent orange. Underneath the oceans of color is a custom made hood and handcrafted, metal, wide – body that gives the Toyota a much beefier look than you would find in its stock form. Again, all done in-house by LAB Creations.


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1989 MIII Toyota Supra


From the dreams of a video game playing, movie watching, kid, to the envy of any who see it, this vision of an MKIII Toyota Supra is more than a project to Daryl. It is a hallmark of creativity, ingenuity and a reminder of how far he and his family have come. Like he acquired it from his father, Daryl plans to pass the Supra down to his son or daughter in kind, but don’t worry, he’s not rushing things “Until that happens I plan to enjoy it!”


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Daryl’s 1989 MKIII Supra


Instagram: @disisntdaryl


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Wekfest Florida 2017

Event coverage from the Wekfest show hosted in West Palm Beach

Story | Phillip Pratt

Photos | Phillip Pratt


If you’ve ever been to a Wekfest car show, you know it’s just that. A car show. Not a 2 – step competition, B-boy contest, freestyle rap battle or a “fashion show” (which inevitably involves bottles of water. Cold bottles of water). It’s an event that puts the cars at the center of attention at every step of the way. It’s become a yearend show in South Florida that brings in cars from all over the state, and from each subculture within the hobby. Enthusiasts break themselves for days in preparation and it shows as each vehicle on the floor is lovingly and meticulously detailed until the convention center’s LED lighting fixtures blindingly glisten off fresh paint and the well-oiled surfaces of low-profile tires. This year’s offering wasn’t anything less than awe-inspiring as the room was crammed wall-to-wall with some of Florida’s (and beyond) best.


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Ultimate Performance EG Hatch

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Wekfest merch table and DJ

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Nissan Silvia S14

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Ambien Drug Buy

Aisha’s 97 Hatch

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