Street Racing Illustrated | SRMS Cars, Coffee, and Racing 10.14.18

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Rule Books

The 2018 SRMS Rule Books and standards for vehicles permitted at our events.


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Top 10 list

The Updated Street Racing Made Safe Top 10 List.

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About our events

Street Racing Made Safe offers the only solution to illegal street racing through education and simulation. At our events we simulate every option of street racing in a controlled environment. So how do we do this you ask? We control everything and give standards to that which has never had it. At our events you have the options to do DIG racing and Roll Racing with different MPH options.

Welcome to the Future of Street Racing

Street Racing Made Safe is the future of street racing. We are the only 501(c)3 non-profit organization to legally battle the unmet need of illegal street racers. We accomplish this by hosting safe and organized roll racing events at local tracks. Our rulebook ensures safety guidelines are met and that we are staying true to the streetcar platform.

• Organize safe street race events
• Video coverage of events and classes
• Educate the public on safety, statistics, and sanctioning the sport
• Safety seminars and walk through on program goals

  • Simulation

    Street Racing Made Safe simulates all forms of illegal street racing. We offer roll racing from various speeds, dig racing and the ability to call out a competitor, just like in an illegal street race. Just like many illegal street races, we offer arm drop starts.

  • Education

    Street Racing Made Safe offers a fun but aggressive 9-week curriculum that delivers a proactive approach illegal street racing awareness. We provide various information on the lasting consequences of illegal street racing.

  • The Events

    Street racers are able to compete against other racers in a safe and controlled environment. These are the same cars & drivers you would normally see on the highway, at red light or at your local car meet. Our events give you the opportunity to race without worrying about road conditions, crashing into public property, hitting innocent bystanders or being arrested by police officers. In addition to racing, there are food vendors that sell goods geared towards the street racing culture, Dj’s playing the latest hits, raffles and giveaways. Most importantly, you can watch all the races from the safety of the stands!

    The Street Racing Made Safe program was designed with a goal of eliminating street racing on public roads. Upon successful implementation of this program across the nation, we could potentially save some of the thousands of people a year that die from street racing. The program was designed to simulate street racing in a safe location with every option of street racing at its best.

What others say about us

A lot of cars show up


They are Legal and a lot of Fun


I don’t want to spend the night in county –


SRMS is cool and I feel like I’m around people that share the same passion as me


I can safely race my car all night


I’ve lost my share of friends to street racing and have advocated for this type of scenario racing for years