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Mighty Car Mods | Marty and Moog breaking down the S30's journey

Street Racing Illustrated | Mighty Car Mods’ RB26-powered S30

The guys at Mighty Car Mods get ready to transplant the heart of a beast into a legend. Story | Phillip Pratt     With well over 2.6 million YouTube subscribers, you’re probably aware by now that the guys, Marty and Moog, over at Mighty Car Mods recently got their hands on a beautiful Nissan […]

Cars and Coffee Key Biscayne

Street Racing Illustrated | Cars and Coffee Key Biscayne 03.25.18

Beautiful weather and an awesome locale make Cars n Coffee Key Biscayne a ‘must go’. Story & Photos | Phillip Pratt     There really is no backdrop like the aqua-color waters of Miami Beach on a clear morning. Even with the controlled vehicular chaos that was created by the Miami Open Tennis tournament taking place […]

Street Racing Made Safe 03.24.18

Street Racing Illustrated | SRMS 03.24.18

SRMS in West Palm Beach on March 24th, 2018 Story | Phillip Pratt Photos | Phillip Pratt & Gerry Burke     On a perfect weather night where we saw the return of Rob and his thousand-plus horsepower Supra to Street Racing Made Safe, MPI’s GTR making a 195 MPH pass and Frustrate running something […]

Photo Courtesy of TX2K & 1320 Video

Street Racing Illustrated | We, the “unsavory” – TX2K18

Harris County officials attempt to sully the intentions of the annual TX2K racing festivities. Story | Phillip Pratt     Before we start, we’d like to set something straight about what we’re about here at Street Racing Illustrated and subsequently SRMS. We do not condone, promote, or try to justify, illegal street racing of any […]

Street Racing Illustrated | The WRXperts

Rodrigo and Juan of the WRXperts turn adversity into opportunity. Story & Photos | Phillip Pratt     There’s an old saying about ‘opportunity’, well there are several dozen, but two stick out the most to me; the first being “When Opportunity knocks, you’d better answer it” and the next “Opportunity knocks but once”. While […]

Street Racing Illustrated | Cars and Coffee Key Biscayne 2.24.18

SRMS, CLRDHOT and 4×4 Alliance team-up to bring you Cars and Coffee Key Biscayne Story | Phillip Pratt Photos | Peter Castle   The name “Cars and Coffee” has become something of an international tradition. You can deduce the nature of the event merely by its name. To boil it down to it’s simplest definition, […]

Street Racing Illustrated | 2018 SoFloSubies Annual Cruise

The annual SofloSubies cruise and meet at Okeeheelee Park in Palm Beach. Story & Photos | Phillip Pratt Let’s start out with an admission on my part. I’m a Subie-guy. I drive a 2002 bug-eye Impreza WRX. I’m a member of SoFloSubies and a loyal customer of the WRXperts. I’m biased. Now that that’s out […]

Street Racing Illustrated | SRMS 2.10.18 “Grudge Night”

SRMS Grudge in West Palm Beach Florida. Story & Photos | Phillip Pratt   Nothing like perfect weather to drive a great night of grudge racing. Despite an unfortunate setback with a Mustang spilling its guts halfway down the track, creating an hour and a half long “wait and see” situation, we were treated to […]

Street Racing Illustrated | SRMS x K1 Speed Meet 02.08.18

Street Racing Made Safe x K1 Speed Car Meet 02.08.18 Story & Photos | Phillip Pratt     Night car meets can be hit or miss. You might have the right size space, but the lighting isn’t adequate. You have a great location, but never got the official permission, so it ends up shut down by […]

The Center of Rotation

There’s more to the name COR Wheels than you know Story | Phillip Pratt Photos | Phillip Pratt & Gerry Burke     Have you ever picked up a car magazine and found yourself staring at the finished product of someone’s blood, sweat, tears, and money? Letting the finely crafted lines of the metal beast just […]

Street Racing Illustrated | “Chasing the Rabbit”

Chasing the Rabbit John Garcia’s sick daily driven 2013 FR-S Story | Phillip Pratt Photos | John Garcia     The time-honored practice of the daily driver seems to be less and less embraced these days. It’s becoming increasingly rare to see neck-breakers during commutes and parked in grocery store parking lots (Scratch that last […]

Street Racing Illustrated | Evolution of the Beast

EVOLUTION OF THE BEAST Fr8train’s journey from contender to king and back. Story | Phillip Pratt Photos | Phillip Pratt / Gerry Burke     When the word “evolution” is mentioned, at least in the circles we run in any way, most immediately relate it to other words like “Mitsubishi”, “Lancer”, the engine code “4G63”, […]

Street Racing Illustrated | Behind the Wheel with Juan Burgos

Behind the Wheel with Juan Burgos From daily driven to passion project. Interviewer | Clifton Hernandez Photos | Phillip Pratt     Where does the admiration of an inanimate object come from? What drives (no pun intended) us to keep a pair of shoes or hat way past it’s prime?  Sure, we could take a ride […]

Street Racing Illustrated | “Bigger than Business”

Bigger than Business From humble beginnings to becoming one of the most reputable tuners and JDM importers in the area Story | Phillip Pratt Photos | Clifton Hernandez /  Wendy Evans     Down here in South Florida there are a few shops that are universally acknowledged as ‘reputable’ if you ask people that are […]

Street Racing Illustrated | “For the Love”

For the Love A generationally owned MK3 Supra that is more than just eye – candy Story | Phillip Pratt Photos | Phillip Pratt / Gerald Burke     Getting bit by the “car bug” as a young adult is a hallowed time. A fresh license and a newfound sense of freedom. Nothing like it. Still, there […]

Street Racing Illustrated | Wekfest Florida 2017

Wekfest Florida 2017 Event coverage from the Wekfest show hosted in West Palm Beach Story | Phillip Pratt Photos | Phillip Pratt   If you’ve ever been to a Wekfest car show, you know it’s just that. A car show. Not a 2 – step competition, B-boy contest, freestyle rap battle or a “fashion show” (which inevitably involves […]

Street Racing Illustrated | “Jill of All Trades”

Jill of all Trades Aisha Christian’s 97’ Honda Civic Hatchback Story | Phillip Pratt Photos | Ralph Gabaldon     We’ve all seen the decal “Built not Bought” pasted on windows at every show, meet or parking lot we’ve been to in the last five or so years. In reality (where most of us live), […]

Street Racing Illustrated | Drive By – Reyana Lobban

DRIVE-BY – Reyana Lobban A chat with Rey on life, racing, and her DC2 Integra Interviewer | Phillip Pratt Photos | Rafael Gabaldon     Name: Reyana Lobban Car: 1997 LS Acura Integra Nationality: Jamaican American City of Residence: Pembroke Pines, Florida. Age: Finally 16 lol Engine Mods: B20Vtec (B16 head, B20B block), B16 Transmission, Type R Cams, […]

Street Racing Illustrated | Behind the Wheel with “The Incredible Carlos Recinos”

Behind the Wheel with “The Incredible” Carlos Recinos The driver of Miami’s Hulk Civic Interviewer | Clifton Hernandez Photos | Ralph Gabaldon     There are two types of racers out there. You’re either lucky enough to be born into it, or like some of the best things in life, you get turned-out by your […]