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Top Ten List Season 3 Opener Results

Our Top Ten List Season 3 opener was one for the books!! We had a extremely full house with over 300 cars in the staging lanes and a epic car show put together by Society’s Finest and Miami Street Dreams! Our Top Ten List Daily Driver Class and Ultimate King of The Streets Class brought out multiple cars for our different brackets. We had some amazing saves throughout the night with Nelson Pupo (N_Pupo) being by far the most heart clenching by saving his vehicle by pulling the chute on the long end as he raced Daniel Rodriguez (Frustrate_EG) from a Dig. Our 40mph bracket in both classes is based off mph trap speed and our Dig bracket in both classes is based off 1/4mile times for this qualifying event as long as they are with in each classes mph restrictions. Unfortunately we had 4 leak downs on the track causing multiple delays and issues for our Top Ten List Racing. Despite the leak downs we still saw some amazing racing and very fast qualifiers in both classes. Moving forward we will host our Top Ten List brackets between 8:00pm and 10:00pm through out all our Top Ten List events holding our regular races before and after that period to give the public the action they want to see and the ability to race through the night. As you will see in the results below, the delays of the leak downs and massive amount of cars going through the lanes delayed our list qualifying significantly. We return for Round 1 of our Top Ten List on December 15th at PBIR!

Our current list standings and classes are below:

Daily Driver class 40mph Roll Bracket:

  1. Christian – MRBoost Black MR2 158.17mph
  2. Javier – White K24 Boosted Sedan 148.20mph
  3. Chrystal Packard – Unicorn White GTR 148.04mph
  4. Clint (Blackee) – Blizzard ZR1 147.26mph
  5. Pritty Performance SRT4 144.50mph
  6. JP Reynolds Civic EG 142.43mph
  7. K24draggon Red Civic Si 138.01mph
  8. Reina Racing GTR 137.57mph
  9. Open
  10. Open

Ultimate King of The Streets Class 40mph Bracket Below:

  1. Alex Rodriguez GodSpeed 180.34 mph
  2. Daniel Rodriguez Frustrate EG 180.24 mph
  3. Danny Nunez MPI Dark Knight GTR 163.9 mph
  4. open
  5. open
  6. open
  7. open
  8. open
  9. open
  10. open

Daily Driver Dig Bracket Below:

  1. Jr Racing Team Turbo Camaro – 8.27 1/4 mile
  2. Crystal Packard Unicorn White GTR – 9.76 1/4 mile
  3. Pedro Reina Racing GTR 10.30 1/4 mile
  4. open
  5. open
  6. open
  7. open
  8. open
  9. open
  10. open

Ultimate King of The Streets Class Dig Bracket Below:

  1. Daniel Rodriguez Test Pass No Times
  2. Eddie Miller Savage Duster Test Pass No Times
  3. open
  4. open
  5. open
  6. open
  7. open
  8. open
  9. open
  10. open

Top Ten List New Classing & Cash Prizes

Top Ten List Season 3

In an effort to take our Top Ten List to new heights we’ve made changes by catering to our core demographic while still meeting the needs of our faster vehicles. The classes below separate our participants fairly while keeping the competitiveness we’ve always pushed for.

  • Class 1:Daily Driver Class– This class is for the majority of our racers that choose to compete in our Top Ten List Series. This class is designated for the vehicles that are driven regularly and have a trap speed equal to or less than 159mph from both our Dig and 40mph brackets.
  • Class 2: Ultimate King of the Streets (UKOTS) – This class is for the fastest of the fastest street cars that are purpose built for speed. This class is specifically dedicated to vehicles that have a trap speed greater than 160mph from both our Dig and 40mph brackets. This class has a capped MPH of 189mph for the 4omph roll class only.


Cash Prizes

Street Racing Made Safe has always wanted to give its supporters and participants more for attending our events and showing such support. We developed a method for us to give out more than $7,000 in cash prizes per event as follows.

  • Challengers will pay $50 to challenge and the cash will go completely towards the cash prizes
  • Members will have a $100 buy in which will also go completely towards the cash prizes
  • Street Racing Made Safe will supply over $3000 per event for cash prizes so even member #10 will get his $100 back and continue to compete in his/her class and bracket on the list.


  • When it is time for you to race, if your car cannot run, for whatever reason, you will be penalized one spot. You can ask for a 5min grace period to fix the issue. If it is fixed within that time frame, there will be no penalty.
  • All drivers on the list must be present during the championship event and cash prizes will not be awarded to members who are not in attendance of any events championship or series events


Driftwarzz is coming to Homestead Speedway 12/8!

DriftWarzz is coming to Homestead Speedway for single and tandem drifting on the infield course on 12/8/18! We will be releasing more details and opening registration soon for this event!

The First Ever Cars, Coffee & Racing Event at AMR Motorplex!

Street Racing Made Safe Partners with AMR Motorplex for a unique one of a kind event! Cars & Coffee events have grown immensely in popularity amongst all car enthusiasts. Now with a monthly Autocross program at Homestead Motor Speedway and more than 3,000 parking spaces what better place to host the first ever Cars, Coffee & Racing Event! The inaugural event is August 12th from 8am to 6pm with Food Trucks, Vendors, Go-Kart Rentals, VIP parking and more!


See the Map and event flyer below!

Street Racing Made Safe Partners with AMR Motorplex for Autocrossing program

Street Racing Made Safe Partners with AMR Motorplex for Autocrossing program


Street Racing Made Safe has officially partnered with the AMR Motorplex for a new Autcrossing Program incorporating multiple event dates and programs for drivers and spectators alike. Located just minutes from downtown Miami, Florida AMR Motorplex is South Florida’s premier karting facility.  Situated on-site at the Homestead-Miami Speedway in Homestead, FL, AMR Motorplex is an outdoor karting facility open to the public five days a week, year-round.  AMR Motorplex features two circuits: a 0.7-mile, 11 turn competition track for kart owners, and a 0.3-mile, 3 turn rental track for kart rentals.  AMR Motorplex’s fleet of Rental Karts (Drivers of 6” Tall or Above) reach speeds up to 45 mph, delivering an advanced, exciting and high-adrenaline racing experience for a day of fun with friends, family or coworkers. AMR Motorplex can also accommodate group and corporate team building outings. Additionally, the facility hosts some of the largest professional touring karting series races in the country, making AMR Motorplex the premier source for all things karting at every level of the sport.


AMR Homestead-Miami Motorplex
1 Speedway Boulevard, Homestead, FL 33035

For more information regarding AMR Homestead-Miami Motorplex please email us at


SRMS x AMR AutocrossSRMS x AMR Autocross

CBS 12 Feature of our 2/10/18 event

On Saturday 2/10/18 during our event at Palm Beach International Raceway we were featured as the solution to illegal street on CBS Channel 12!!!

See the link below for footage and the Article on Street Racing Made Safe!!!

Blast Coatings becomes the new Street Racing Made Safe Powder Coating sponsor for 2018

Blast Coatings becomes the new Street Racing Made Safe Powder Coating sponsor for 2018

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Blast Coatings

Street Racing Made Safe Auto X Rd.3

Street Racing Made Safe Auto X 3rd Event 

Big Thank you to all our attendees for our 3rd auto cross event at PBIR!!! We averaged about 10 runs for every car there!!!! A huge Thank you to Kristen from Pronto Timing System for supplying the timing method for our classes and going through the registration process!

On to the classes and times:

Street Racing Made Safe Season 2 Updated List 9/2/17


The beginning of Season 2 for the Street Racing Made Safe Top Ten List was very competitive with plenty of surprises amongst the competitors!!! Now with 2 seperate classes for the Top Ten List there are different oppurtunites and different competitors we’ve never seen before.

Below are the standings for the 40MPH Top Ten List Class which had more than 20 challengers:

  1. Sergio Solis – BD Performance GT-R
  2. Daniel Rodriguez – Frustrate Turbo EG Civic
  3. Jonathan Clavijo – Black GT-R
  4. Daniel Lezcano – Black 93 Toyota Supra
  5. Adam Jimenez – 98 Bumble Bee Civic Turbo
  6. Yu Sheng – White GTR Nismo
  7. Mike Moretti – Purple 240 2jz
  8. Aj Holti – Gray 335i EMP Tuning
  9. Javier – Red Neon SRT4
  10. Tikishi Rampersad – Red Evo

The Dig List brought cars weve never seen before and racers that were and are pre-paring their cars for the list moving forward. The Dig List is done via a 4/10 Pro-Tree with standard 7 second delay as well as a waterbox. We will be adding crew member tickets to the POS system at the track for Dig List crew members only moving forward.

Below are current standings of the Dig List class:

  1. Eddie Miller – 73″ Plymoth Duster
  2. Mike Moretti – Purple 240 2jz
  3. Daniel Rodriguez – Frustrate Turbo EG Civic
  4. Thomas Berret – 93 Honda Civic Green
  5. Tareque Aqumed – 16′ White Viper
  6. Phil Habbock – 16′ Blue Viper
  7. Jason Marshack – 10′ White BMW 135i
  8. Takishi Rampersad – Red Evo
  9. William Orton – 08′ White BMW 335i
  10. Josh Lear – 00′ Pontiac Firebird

We return to the regular ladder style format of our Top Ten List on October 21st at Palm Beach International Raceway. Good Luck to our current list members We will see you in October and we are sure the list will be much more competitive as vehicles begin to climb to the top!!


Orlando Speedworld Championship Finale

Orlando Speedworld 2019 Opener!